About Myself


A senior Commander with Air India flying Airbus 320 family.

Besides flying , I enjoy reading , fitness , travelling and adventures ., My quest for life is very high . For me life is experimental …. It’s a mystery . . I always wonder we write our own destiny or every thing is predetermined ?? I like to explore …. I like to live in harmony with nature … nature has its intelligence and gives us things when we are ready for it … and lastly I am a constant seeker …

4 Comments on “About Myself

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere Manjeet!! So happy to see you here !looking forward to reading your thoughts regularly.May be I will get inspired to wipe the dust off my blog and revive the sleeping pages now.

  2. Manjeet you have always been a woman of substance. We await to learn more inspirational values from you.

    Preeti Prabhakar

  3. Manjeet I found very interesting and ideal personality in you. M impressed. Waiting eagerly for interesting blogs further.

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