Body Language

Body Language


This holiday we decided, instead of staying in a hotel we will stay in a house. So we booked a house and when we reached, there was a caretaker to receive us.  She couldn’t speak a word of English. A sweet smiling middle aged lady from Switzerland (frankly speaking, I don’t know her origin). She welcomed us with a smile and started showing us around the house. Then she explained me how to use all the utilities and the system of the garbage. I couldn’t understand a word what she was saying, but understood every thing by the sign language. I made a cup of Indian tea for her and through her expressions she was thanking me and telling me how much she enjoyed it.

Many years ago I had been to Columbia, South America on a Rotary Exchange Programme, where you stay with Rotarian families and learn about each other’s culture. I stayed with many families who didn’t speak any English and I knew very little Spanish which I learnt basic Spanish language for the programme. However, each stay was a very beautiful experience as the warmth, love and giving was visible without any spoken words.

Just recently I met some Chinese people who came over to my place for lunch and didn’t speak any English. They came with the interpreter. But I enjoyed the conversations without the interpretation. They were very comfortable at my place and feeling at home. It was fun communicating with all the chaos.

All these episodes made me realise that we don’t need the language to communicate but what we need is a beautiful body language. If you smile it’s simply a smile. It’s not that when a Chinese is smiling, he is sad or angry or if a Spanish is frowning, he is happy. We can easily identify people who are friendly and loving or arrogant and unfriendly without they saying anything.

Body language, expressions and gestures are the way to communicate. It’s good to be perfect in your diction, grammar and command over the language. Yes they do matter for creating impressions and perfection but does not necessarily communicate love, warmth and feeling of welcome. When someone tries to correct you all the time for your language, grammar and your spellings, it’s interesting to watch their expressions. They have an expression of superiority and sarcasm. Instead of focussing on the gist what the person is saying and making fun of the person, you miss the point.

I have read somewhere, over the years your thoughts become your muscles and this is how we get permanent facial expressions. Your face says it. We all need to work on our inner thoughts, body language and gestures as that’s one thing you can’t fake it. They tell it all. That’s the real communication.

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  1. For Sure this is one of the best expression of what has been expressed through expressions. I feel so so so lucky to have come across such a sweet yet strong article. This is not only the language of the body that speaks. It is also the language of the soul. When we express that way.. we are probably conveying more than words could ever express. Really love to read your experiences and posts Mam

  2. quite true!……love is a language which has no boundries!! If you feel it,your face will show it

  3. too good. i am loving ure writing too much
    ur articels are very awesome. i keep waiting and waiting for new one

  4. Yes true…we as human beings communicate on so many levels..spoken word is just one way..and Btw now I understand ..why we get worry lines on our forehead ☺☺

  5. This is such a deceptively lovely piece Manjeet! I feel this is your best blog post so far. There is a language beyond language that you have recognised and acknowledged. Bravo!

    • How sweet is that Rekha.. I realized it, that we need not fear in talking to people for not knowing the language.. We don’t have to worry about it. The expressions talk.

  6. Too good Capt….love reading your articles…very well expressed and made reading very interesting….waiting for your next blog

  7. Superb Mannu very well written…..this is your best blog for me …..

  8. Nice one Manjeet!! Infact before the evolution of languages….people only communicated through bidy language…its strange how effectively we understand even a strangers thoughts just by his body language and mannerisms….

  9. I love the simple thoughts you string together so beautifully.
    Warm expressions,smiles,sparkle in the eye ,pyaar ki jhaapi is the language of the heart which all living beings understand and can connect instantly.

  10. Awesome!!!!
    Loved the last paragraph the most. The facial expressions one. Very interesting…!

  11. It is really amazing how we humans can interact without
    knowing each other’s language.Beautifully expressed by you.Our own experience in countries like Russia,Japan and China,where very few people speak English,has been similar.In fact,it is actually quite enjoyable to be able to successfully communicate by sign or body language in such situations.More power to your pen!

  12. Hi Bhabhi , how nice you have put forward the Body Language . One can express so many things with this simple language.
    so many times people open their mouth and there comes their expression ……………..It would be so nice if no one spoke ………only body language to speak … it would a different world to be in …

  13. ** Dream about a story **
    ** A LOVE story of a BLIND girl with a DEAF & MUTE boy **

    Boy can protect her by making a path of flowers, can water the soil for aroma of love because he can see where she is going.
    Girl can take care of rest everything with a touch. A touch of love.

    Some times touch is enough to bind two people in love. Together, Forever.
    “Eyes can deceive, words are not enough.”

    Body language, expressions and gestures are the way to love, to be loved.
    I have read somewhere, over the years your thoughts become your muscles and that muscles are enough to take care of everything.

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