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Buddy is almost 2 years old now. I have been noticing for many months he has hit puberty and his hormones are overactive.  He has been humping the sofa,  the cushions or what ever he gets hold of . Not only that, when any guest visits us he rides on their back and enjoys himself.  I don’t know about the guests, how they feel ; usually I see a smile on their face. image

Now this is natural for Buddy.  He is growing up and his sexuality should be respected.  Had Buddy’s mother been around I don’t think she would have said,  “Buddy – stop it.  Gandi Baat”.   Just imagine your teenage child doing all this.  Oh My God!! The parents, people around watching all this,  the teachers,  principal would have broke all hell lose. The child would have been declared a pervert.  He / she would have been taken to a counsellor.  The counsellor would have sent the child to a sexologist.  No way!! It’s Gandi Baat.

Our whole human race is funny.  We just don’t live life in harmony with nature.  We put restrictions on what is right age for a kiss or having sex. The whole society,  the government, the priests and  religion are against it.

In olden days there were child marriages.   When the children hit puberty they were tied together.  This way their sexual needs were taken care of.   The couple lived in harmony with nature.  There was peace and happiness.

Yes understandable.  The child marriage has been abolished.  There is a legal minimum age for marriage.  These days the youth decides to get married late as they have to study, make their careers.  All that is correct.   Justified.

However, not going by the body clock,  has its own problems.  Teenagers watch porn, go to prostitutes; which is all termed illegal.  The parents are on the watch like watch guards.  The youth is distressed.  I know of a child who is addicted to porn, and is so distracted, that he is unable to focus on any thing.  Parents are worried and at the same time do not know how to handle the situation.  They are embarrassed to discuss the problem with any one.

I am not saying behave like Buddy’s mother, but definately bring awareness to the children and the parents by giving sex education.  The youth needs guidance.  Sex is an energy in the body, a force which needs to be channelised.

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  1. Good one bua. Buddy using freedom of expression at its best!

  2. Manjeet , bold writing but very true. In this country sex education is taught at school, even we parents here discuss these matters with our children to a certain extent. I think it’s very important.

    • In India sex education is still a taboo, but some people are trying their best to break the mould. Anju is a certified sex-educationist and dies lot of workshops of sex education. It will take a while, but things are changing slowly.

  3. I can only imagine how funny it must be to watch Buddy in action ! Our society has double standards when it comes to sex so imparting sex education to children has always been a much neglected field ,both at home and at school.

    • Hi Sharmila. Yes Buddy does look very funny. He is full of energy and guess it will last for a while. He is my teacher and am learning various aspects of life from him. I wish all around me treat me like Buddy. Always excited to see me.

  4. Nice Bhabhi ,
    it is very important for parents these days to make the kids aware abt everything . .

    • Thanks Aashi. I wish you can see Anju’s play, “Growing Up”. It was done very well talking about sex education and puberty. Gradually things are changing and it is very important for the parents and teachers to educate the youth.

  5. Puberty is a very sensitive phase which requires emotional support from parents as well as teachers. Parents & Teachers should behave like Buddies to their kids & make them feel comfortable.

    • Yes Seema. Agree with you, our phase is over and thankfully we sailed through. Our time we didn’t have Any destructions of net and television. We had lot of outdoor activity. But these days kids have lot of exposure, which is good and detrimental.

  6. Well said manjeet yes i agree sex edcation with a buddy approche is very imp for today youth great work by anju u to keep going

    • Thanks Rajesh, we learn a lot through the animals in our day to day life. I always wonder why things happen, and by looking at nature get my answers.

  7. Good one Manjeet! Couldn’t read it earlier as was holidaying….it made an interesting read in transit! Good going

  8. Hi Manjeet

    the country that gave the world Kamasutra – the subject still is a taboo.

    Educate to bring awareness

    Do not be that liberal that one had to be 21 to buy Booze and cigarets but 18 for sex

    Great subject Manjeet.

    • Thanks Yatin. Firstly the mind set of the parents should change then comes other departments.

  9. Hi di very well written. It’s very important to teach children about all this and make them aware so as to protect them from abuse and also prepare them to face this strange situation which they go through. Most of the times they r unable to reach out to correct people or rather their parents. What I can add is that parents need to be friends first….

    • Yes Shikha, you very rightly put it up. Awareness in this field is very important not only for a girl child even the boys need to be protected.

  10. Very well written Manjeet .Educating children about sex is tricky .
    “withholding information about sex & sexuality will keep our child safe”was an irrational fear I had when my daughter was small,but school educators n lectures made me realise that honest sex education was very imp .And of course outdoor activities and creative pursuits kept the naughty thoughts away I hope;)

    • Hi Namita, I am sure all the parents have the same view especially when it comes to girls. I was very scared to have a daughter for the same reason. But now I feel an open dialogue between the parents and children helps. Please watch Anju’s play on ‘Growing Up’ in Prithvi theatre on 6/7th June on sex education. Take Sanjana along. You will enjoy it.

  11. Very well articulated Manjeet.Its time we are more open about sex education.Even today when we watch TV or a movie with family we get embarrassed when sex scenes are shown.Its very important that awareness of safe sex is created among adolescents.As a matter of fact even grown ups have lots of myths of sex as still considered a taboo.it will take time and forums like this are in right direction.Keep it up.

    • Yes, that’s true. We need to understand why our children and wife have mood swings and cooperate with them.

  12. Profound observation Manjeet!
    Was pondering…..for Buddy, you are his ‘Master’.
    Little does he know of the lessons he has been inadvertently imparting to you.
    Look forward to more insights on this.

    • Thanks Mahrukh, Buddy has opened my thinking to a different level. Every act of his I watch and relate it to we humans. So much to learn.

  13. Hi Manjeet
    just read ur blog.U know many yrs ago I too had a female dog . She used to behave in d same way as u say Buddy behaves. My god all dis time I used to think dat something was wrong wid my pet n was always emberessed by her behaviour. Thanks . Now I know my pet was absolutely normal……. n she was not “ganda bachcha”.
    Sex is still a very sensitive subject to b discussed about in our indian households.Most of d parents im sure find it very hard to talk about it wid d kids……….n fail to understand them n their behaviour. Ur blog is a welcome step in dis direction.. Anjus work in dis field is also most appreciable.

  14. Lol manjeet “gandi baat”…. Yes I remember buddy and vedaant together at ur place

  15. Well penned!! I love the sarcasm and humor in your write-ups. Let it flow Bhabhi!! 🙂

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