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I never had a pet in my childhood.   Actually speaking, I have been very scared of dogs and wouldn’t go any where close to them.  Firstly I would like to thank ” Buddy ” my pet, who taught me tolerance and love towards his fellow beings .

My son wanted a dog since childhood, so finally we got him one; a cute,  energetic Cocker Spaniel, Buddy.  He came to our house when he was 6 weeks old. Though my son promised to take all responsibility, besides playing with him, he doesn’t do much.  One morning I took him for a walk. It was early morning and as we were walking through the by lanes of my area,  a bunch of dogs came charging behind us.  I was petrified, almost in tears.  As we walked further, another gang of dogs came charging behind Buddy.   I could only escape the situation by seeking help from passers by,  they surrounded us and shooed the gang away.

After few days, someone told me to take another route near a school where apparently, there were no stray dogs.   So I took that route.  I thought we were on a safe path, but I was taken aback; as soon as I went on the other side of the street, a rowdy pack of dogs smirked us.  I quickly went across the road and they stopped chasing us.

I learnt that the dogs are very territorial.  If you enter their territory they will attack you. In fact, all animals are territorial.  Be it the chimps or tigers.  The Tiger demarcates the boundaries of his territory in the jungle by defecating.  If another tiger tries to trespass, he will be killed.  So are the chimps.  In African jungles the chimps have their own communities; if a chimp from another community enters, it will instantly be murdered.

So are we humans , we are no different.  We are divided into nations, religions, caste and culture.  People are killing each other over religion.  Nations are at war over claiming territories. And, we are very territorial in our day to day life too.

We lean against an object to show a territorial claim over it; to announce our exclusive ownership of it.

Lovers hold hands or put their arms around each other in public to show they have claim over that person.

At home on a dining table, we have a favourite chair A guest calling on you will always ask, “which chair is yours?”

Even when you go to a theatre to watch a film, you take ownership on the armrest of the seat.  I know someone who buys an extra ticket and keeps the next seat vacant for the armrest.

Usually it’s my laptop, my phone, my diary, my side of the bed, my money.  For a woman the kitchen is her domain.  No interference in that area.  That’s her territory.

In the cockpit too some commanders get offended if the copilot takes an action without his permission.  For such a commander, the entire aircraft belongs to him.

A boss in the office makes it clear to his employees that the place belongs to him and his decision would be final.

Even when I went to Osho ‘s ashram, we had to wear the maroon gown. Though Osho talks about freedom at an extreme level, we are all expected to wear the robe as an identification we belong to his commune.   I was not happy doing that.

We have inherited this attribute of being territorial from our ancestors.  Though the Gita says,  “kya tera-kya mera”, don’t be attached to anything, in reality it doesn’t work.  How much ever we try to detach ourselves from people, objects or materialist things: being territorial,  ownership, belonging, attachment are part of nature.


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  1. We humans are after all animals as well. We pride ourselves as being supremely intelligent but behave just like any other species

  2. How lovely. We learn from people, animals , nations and all around us and the territory just causes more politics. As important as it is to protect our environment and take responsibility we must allow freedom for others to enjoy the space we create. It’s so endearing to see what Buddy’s existence around you opens the mind to so many simple thoughts.

  3. Quite true! we all need a sense of belonging to keep ourselves calm! I am of the firm belief that if you want to change the system,you have to be IN the system!..if the material things keep you attached to it,so be it! no point in so called tyag,going to the Himalayas like a sadhu and praying for so nonexistent world peace!

  4. As a matter of fact animals develop emotions in us. I do not have a pet, but realized this truth from my neighbour’s dog.

  5. As they say, life’s most important lessons are learnt from the simplest of things around us .We are human because we behave in a certain way when faced with peculiar situations and that is normal …why change that! Moh -maya , mera tera very much defines us .

  6. That is so well put and correct… From the kids promises to take care of the pet to the territorial behaviour of all beings… Lovely reading.

  7. I really like this much.. There is so mch to learn from animals as well..
    Very well crafted.

  8. Thought-provoking. Few simple actions that we brush away as trivial, have such deep-rooted bearings.

  9. So true Manjeet. In fact dogs are better than human beings. They stay in their territory but man always is unhappy with his surroundings and constantly tries to invade other people’s territories.

  10. Yes – from our daily day to day life experiences, we do learn a lot,at times valuable lessons. I forgot all about Buddy, is he still very hyper?

    • Hi Lata , Buddy is less hyper but full of energy and always ready to lick , which I never allow him . He is adorable . He is growing on me now .

  11. Beautiful! Loved the analogies you have mentioned from daily lives!! It’s so true that however hard we try it’s so difficult to detach oneself! It’s so Natural!

    • Yes Kapil, now I know why it’s there. It’s meant to be. Some have it more, some have it less.

  12. It’s nice, Manjeet, to see Buddy make the thinker in you create such an interesting free-flowing episode & then take us to great heights of realization that we as humans are in fact worse than animals in so far as that we are not happy within our territories, have become extremely self centered, egoistic, greedy, materialistic, deceitful, arrogant, & aggressive. High time we learnt from our animal friends innocence, giving of unconditional love & space to others and living a balanced, peaceful & contented life.

    • Thanks Anjali . I like to take my lessons from nature . I have noticed one thing , if we live our lives close to nature , every thing is in order but unfortunately its not possible with our life styles and that’s where all the problems lie .

  13. Really enjoyed reading it…..so very true and very well written. Looking forward to some more of your blogs

  14. Hi Manjeet thank you once again for this blog. I am still thinking after reading it as I do not have any pets nor do i I have desire to have one but one thing I admire in animals when they are full they are satisfied and when they have their territory they do not go and grab other territories but we humans always want more and are never satisfied . May be we should learn from the animals. Lovely idea to think. Keep on writing you have a big fan here. That is ME

  15. Only pets give unconditional love . We humans need to imbibe that ,then all issues about marking territories or ownership will dissipate.

  16. I enjoyed reading it. Nice comparisons.
    Thanks for sharing.

  17. Manjeet
    well narrated.
    Beautifully linked animal instinct with human behavior.
    It reminds me of the article saying….growing of nails since stone age till date is a reminder that we have the animal instinct existing within us even today.
    — Kumar mama.

    • Thanks Mamaji. They are a great source of learning. I love observing nature and taking guidelines of living through it.

  18. Remember meeting buddy for the first time and teaching him how to fetch and play tug of war rope with him.

    Never had pets all my life but having Rooney, our west highland terrier has completely changed my attitude towards pets.

    No matter how your day has been but when you reach home, Rooney’s exciting love and attention just let’s you forgot all day’s stress and you feel genuinely welcomed. There is a lot to learn from animals.

    • Hi Dollum, agree with you completely. I remember Kerry was so good to Buddy. I feel the same about Buddy. Love to see his excitement and energy. I am doing a whole series on him. I am sure you will relate to it.

  19. Such a true fact..I hv had dogs since past 15 yrs…. And yes v get to learn so much from them 🙂

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