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Work is Rest

  I am writing after a long time almost after 5 months. I had taken a break from my work and was at home for a while and I thought would write a lot. Being home I got… Read More

Planet Holiday Continues…

During our holiday in Switzerland I got an opportunity to do para gliding. Though I fly planes, but surely this was a different experience. I was taken over a mountain cliff, run with the instructor till the time… Read More


We as a family are on a holiday after a long span of time. As we were excited doing our packing, planning,things to do and places to visit; my husband said, we have to make a promise, that… Read More

My First Date With Osho

It was 5th May, 2005. I was very new in my command. I had a flight from Calcutta to Mumbai. After takeoff we got into very rough weather and both the wind shields cracked. We returned back to Calcutta… Read More

Buddy-My Master: 3

    Parenting Few days back, Buddy’s trainer approached me for his mating with a beautiful cocker spaniel. I saw her pictures and instantly approved of her. Buddy will meet his lady love, mate her, get her pregnant, and… Read More

Buddy-My Master: 2

  Puberty Buddy is almost 2 years old now. I have been noticing for many months he has hit puberty and his hormones are overactive.  He has been humping the sofa,  the cushions or what ever he gets… Read More

Buddy-My Master

Territorial I never had a pet in my childhood.   Actually speaking, I have been very scared of dogs and wouldn’t go any where close to them.  Firstly I would like to thank ” Buddy ” my pet,… Read More

This and That

  This and That I always wonder, it’s our predetermined destiny that rules our life or we make our own destiny. Our fate is sealed at the time of conception.  A lot depends on what genes did you… Read More

Life is fantastic ….

.. When I was undergoing my command training , I flew with a senior commander who asked me how is the preparation for the command going on ?? I told him all the technical stuff and the procedures… Read More

Flying Meditation

Flying Meditation. I was bogged down with stress. Flying a lot , a small child to handle, home , fitness and what not. Couldn’t cope up. All this made me very hyper . Someone suggested to me do… Read More