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Body Language

Body Language   This holiday we decided, instead of staying in a hotel we will stay in a house. So we booked a house and when we reached, there was a caretaker to receive us.  She couldn’t speak… Read More

Buddy-My Master

Territorial I never had a pet in my childhood.   Actually speaking, I have been very scared of dogs and wouldn’t go any where close to them.  Firstly I would like to thank ” Buddy ” my pet,… Read More

My Past Life Voyage

My Past Life Voyage. I read Dr Brian Weiss books on past life regression and was very inspired by it… I contacted Dr Brian in USA in Miami and wanted to do the regression immediately …. I sent… Read More

My True Love

My True Love. Finally I found my true love !! It happens to be my weight.  Inspite of letting it go and setting it free, it comes back to me. This journey began 16 years ago, after my… Read More