Life is fantastic ….


When I was undergoing my command training , I flew with a senior commander who asked me how is the preparation for the command going on ?? I told him all the technical stuff and the procedures . He said all that is fine, a real good commander is when a crew comes to report for a flight and sees your name on the board, they should have a smile on their face .

Yes, that’s very true. Your presence should make people happy. They should be at ease when you are around . When you are in the cockpit, even the crew working at the rear gets your positive vibes . That’s your aura.

How does one get it ?? You can emit happiness, only when you are happy yourself . Happiness cannot be taught to anyone. It comes from within, it’s inherent . It lot depends on your state of mind . You are happy , when luck is on your side, things go the way you wanted , desired, planned, dreamt and thought. When things are in perfect alignment, you are in a state of bliss.

What if it doesn’t happen , sometimes never happens, then what to do ??

This is an interesting story .. Two friends Sarah and Amy met after 20 years . They were delighted to see each other. They had been together in a college and they were very good friends . When in college, they were always engaged in a battle of one – upmanship .

Sarah said , ” Amy , how have you been ? ”

Amy , ” Just fine . It is good to see you . How has the world been treating you , Sarah ?

Sarah said , ” Would you believe that when Harry and I got married, he took me to a honeymoon , three months in the Mediterranean and a month in England.”

” Fantastic ” Amy said.

” We come back home and he showed me the new house that he bought for me – sixteen rooms , two swimming pools, and a new Mercedes .”

” Fantastic ” said Amy .

” And now, for our twentieth anniversary , he gave me a diamond ring …. ten carats”

” Fantastic ”

” And now we are going to go on a cruise around the world. ”

” Oh, that’s fantastic !! ”

” Amy , I have talking about what Harry has been doing for me. What has your John done for you ?? ”

” Oh, we have had a good life together. ”

” But what has he done special for you? ”

” He sent me to a charm school.”

” Sent you to a charm school ? What did you go to a charm school for ? ”

” To learn how to say ” fantastic ” instead of ” bullshit .”

That’s what life is all about. It’s ” fantastic ” or ” bullshit “, it’s your decision. Amy in 20 years understood that life is fantastic , but Sarah was still in the same zone . Some people never get the point .

What works with me is, I look at life on a scale of 10. I feel if 8 things have worked in my favour and 2 things didn’t , its okay . I never scored 100 marks in each subject in school. I was happy with first division ( rather very happy ) . I follow 80/20 rule. There is no fuss about perfection . If I would have got 100 % in life then I wouldn’t be writing this article .

End of the article we choose keywords to Tag. I have chosen fantastic,happiness, aura, bliss and alignment. These are keywords which I will tag not only in the article, but also in my system, so that it is submerged in my body. Every cell of the body has to be happy, loved, nurtured, pampered, it needs our immediate attention if something is wrong . If any one cell is affected, it affects the whole system . When all our cells are happy, they emit happiness . So let’s make the right decision, choose the right keywords and put them in our system, so that , Life is fantastic ..

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  1. Agree with you completely! Loved the way you have used the tags and keywords and applied them to real life. Happiness is a state of mind after all ..

    • Thanks Sharmila . Ever since I have written this piece, I think of the tag words and want them to be part of my system . Feeling great !!

  2. Message from Kapil Bhagia

    Hi Bhabhi… Just read your blog!!! And it’s actually ” fantastic”… And when I say fantastic I mean fantastic … Very inspiring… Never knew you had the knack for writing… Keep writing and posting..and do mention it on your Facebook page when u do so

  3. Very well written piece! Simple and very meaningful! Looking forward for more!! God bless!

  4. Nice one di sweet and simple but it has depth too and I m so happy to read that one has to be happy himself/herself and also try and spread it to others…..fantastic….

    • It’s so true when we are happy , the whole atmosphere is happy and we love every thing around us .

  5. Manjeet once again a brilliant piece of work by u. Manjeet as a philosopher
    Is just too gud .These blogs have shown a new side of u. Loved it!!!

  6. Manjeet, very true, Happiness is certainly when our state of mind is serene and calm, nobody cares if we are miserable, so might as well be happy, and very little is needed to make us happy,so you are right, nourish your mind and body.
    Well said!

  7. Fabulous article Manjeet..i’m really happy that you’ve discovered the essence of happiness…it’s all in the way we look at the world. Particularly your tag word of ‘alignment’ is very important. We must find the common ground

    • Hi Rekha . You are the biggest inspiration to every one . The problems that you go through and how you handle them without letting anyone know about them . Your chanting s , tremendous faith , your own forgiving nature, letting go of things . It’s all in perfect alignment . You will sail through every thing . Enjoy your holiday and spend great time .

  8. FANTASTIC ! Manjeet once again I loved the simple way of your explaining to be happy. 80 out of 100 is not bad at all. I guess in search of what we do not have we forget to be thankful and happy what we already have. I like little humor in your story also. Keep it up. You are writing great.

  9. Nice article. I agree whole heartedly with your concept that happiness is a choice one makes. Its like the old song says ” Duniya mein kitna gham hai, mera gham kitna kam hai”. Look at what all one has and be happy

  10. Well said Manjeet! Happiness is infectious. When we are happy, every thing around us seems in perfect sync with ourselves and vice versa. The key to happiness lies within our own self. Stay happy, stay blessed. Amen!

  11. Manjeet
    Very well written.v inspiring.i m sure we shud all incorporate d will b a beautiful place to stay.
    Manjeet as a commander ..yes u always made everyone very comfortable and u always had a v down to earth attitude. Keep smiling n happy flying dear.
    please continue u good work of writing n spreading happiness.
    Peace always.

    • Neeta , thankx . I remember you always with a broad smile and you have masti in you . A willing worker and always happy and positive . I am happy to see you on Facebook and here and I can feel your aura .

  12. Hi Bhabhi. . “Fantastic ” article , life teaches us so many things every day . If everyone is happy and contended it will b a fantastic world to stay.

    • That’s very sweet Aashi . We don’t need external things , its all inside us . Love to you .

  13. I am reading this article just after waking up and I can hardly tell u how great my day is goin to be….wow! As always once again I am awe- struck with ur philosophy on life. Loved the way u have such wonderful tags….very very meaningful. These tags definitely resonate with ur personality and so much that people around u bask in its light. As a captain u have always brought out the best in ur copilot…I can always vouch for it. Is any option here of fan following…would love to. Loved the way u write ma’am…loved the exquisite truth and delicacy of ur philosophy. Truly Fantastic.

    • Thankx Neelam . You are one of the copilots who is so well read , evolved . I always enjoy talking to you and sharing my thoughts and love flying with you . You bring the energy in me . Looking forward to fly soon .

  14. “FANTASTIC!” Very well written!…very true if we are happy things around us seems to be perfect…! Awaiting for more such articles:)

  15. Wow…where have you been all this time Manjeet ! I already feel aligned & charged up. Total bliss; ‘am considering moving to Mumbai to be closer to the aura. It’s getting repetitive but have to say it: just fantastic !!!

    • How sweet is that mamaji . You are fantastic yourself . Full of life and party Ki jaan . The singing , the poetry and love you have for every one , its fantastic .

  16. Great blog….nice to read and understand….it is always true that life is as we look at it. If we see it fantastic always it will always remain fantastic….

  17. Bhabhi loved your blog yet again…life seems so complicated but it’s so simple to make it fantastic…!!! Always have admired your simplicity and honesty…!!!! Looking forward for more…!!!!!!

  18. Very true Manjeet. Life is all about context and not content.

  19. Truly FANTASTIC article.You have talked of happiness,which itself is a fantastic experience.
    Perhaps reading your article will inspire people to follow your tagline to inculcate and spread happiness or ‘kosen rofu’,as taught in Nicherin Daishonin’s

    happiness or ‘kosen

  20. FANTASTIC ….I really mean it…very beautifully written….very inspiring and motivating…as a commander …it was always a pleasure to fly with you…keep up the good work

    • Thanks Anita . Enjoy your retired life. I remember flying with you and your lovely tea . Always smiling and happy. Enjoy your retired life

  21. quite an inetresting take there…especially the 20/80 formula! Like they say “Life is 20% as you make it and 80% as you take it!” Being Happy is a choice we make everyday!

    • Hi Raju . You are living example , you are the inspiration of the whole khandan. Always charged up . For me 80/20 means if some one meets 80 % of my expectations I am fine . I don’t expect 100 % from anyone . If I get it that’s bonus .

  22. Dear Ma’am,
    Never knew that you write so well. Really enjoyed reading.

  23. A
    Life becomes fun when it is enjoyed instead of evaluated on basis of materialistic gains and losses. 🙂

  24. This piece is the best Manjeet.I read it twice.Being happy with life can be hard work sometimes.Tagging the positive keywords is a perfect jhatpat solution to any situation baki sab bokwaas 😉

  25. Message from Rashmi Muthe.

    Life is fantastic , article is fantastic , you are fantastic , I am feeling fantastic ….. Plzzzz keep writing to make our day fantastic

  26. Being a fauji and pilot also, I feel to inspire confidence in people around you, one needs to be professional, balanced in approach and fair in judgement. I think these qualities are universal for a leader in any walk of life other being a good person exuding positive vibes. A great piece again manjeet

    • Hi Charan , I know you will relate to this article being an aviator we always have to be high spirits . Especially flying through the odd timings .

  27. Manjeet,yet again a fantastic article from you. What a thought ,80/20 , excellent, will always remember it. The positivity has seeped through your article and am feeling FANTASTIC. Cheers!!!!!!
    Keep writing and spreading the cheer.!!!

    • Thanks Sangeeta . You are always smiling and doing a lot of good work around . You are making others life’s fantastic !!

  28. Fantastic! Awsome, very well expressed ur feelings Dil-Se. U r my souce of Inspiration. Bliss, Smile, Alignment all these tags r now registered in my system & follow them.

    • Seema . I am glad all the tags are registered . Great going !! All will be fantastic for you .

  29. Nice article ma’am. Totally agree about happiness is dependent on the state of one’s mind. When someone is going mad we say he’s out of his mind. Very true and the point of making others happy is how the mind is trained.

  30. You made my day manjeet. so thought provoking. love you.stay blessed


    CHEERS !!!

    • Thanks Basil, how lovely to hear from you. I have started enjoying writing as much as flying.

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