My First Date With Osho


It was 5th May, 2005. I was very new in my command. I had a flight from Calcutta to Mumbai. After takeoff we got into very rough weather and both the wind shields cracked. We returned back to Calcutta and landed safely. This incident did shake me up.

Next day I operated a flight to Delhi. It was the old terminal building. There was a book shop near our Despatch. I was hanging around there and thinking of the incident, I saw ‘Courage’ by Osho. I picked up the book. I remember the book gave me lot of courage and what it taught me was, to live a life of courage, which means have the courage to live the life the way you want. Be the master of your own life.

When I read Osho, I felt he speaks my language and our thoughts are quite similar. I kept picking up books by him one after the other. They enriched me. I learnt so much from him. He introduced me to the spiritual world, the other dimension. Osho opened my mind. He says our minds have been conditioned over the years by our parents, teachers, society and religion. Firstly de condition your mind and start afresh. I was willing to do that. Clear your mind and create your own meaning and live life on your own terms. Life is like a personal signature and have your own.

To an extent one can do it. But it’s difficult to live life 100% as you wish. There are many a times we don’t wish to do something, but still do it to please others. We often lie and praise people in front of them, even if we don’t like them, we are polite. We do many things against our wishes. We are bound by family, work, society, ethics, norms and culture. Even if we strongly feel against something, but end up doing it again, not to offend anyone. It’s actually very difficult to live a life the way you want. It makes a nice read and its a good point to make but the reality is, “what to do, can’t help it”.

If a person lives life the way he wants and says what he wants, people call them selfish and rude and avoid such people. Such people start getting isolated. To live a life of courage is, follow your own passion, do things for yourself and reasonably live life on your terms. One must think and be considerate towards others. It’s easy to think about yourself and live for your own existence. That’s very simple. Courage is to accept one’s flaws and mend them. To say sorry to someone, show your courage there. One must learn to balance. Do things to make people happy and then do things for yourself. That will make you feel under control. We need to have a mind of our own. Do things, what you think are right . Don’t be a puppet or slave to any one and not even to any spiritual leader or Guru. Listen to them, read about them; use your own judgement and then act on it. That’s courage.

28 Comments on “My First Date With Osho

  1. Wonderful read Manjeet. Very few people realise the essence of life. Some don’t till they die.
    You have evolved. And I am proud of you

  2. Wow Manjeet,it indeed is all about aligning our thoughts,words and actions.To be in a constant state of awareness and have a joyful living
    is what a life lived well is,as I understand..Its a lone and awesome journey where we are supported by the existence and guided by our higher power once we have chosen to rough it out on the path.
    My heartfelt gratitude for Daring & Sharing.. 🙂

  3. Anjali Bedi
    Submitted on 2015/06/12 at 3:32 am
    Hi Manjeet thanks for the nice blog one more time.also introducing me to Osho.last paragraph is the the simple way of explaining courage.considration for others and love for yourself. I like it and I am not saying for the sake of saying. I mean it.

    • Hi Anjali, I always wait for your comment and your view on my post. Osho taught me a lot. I want to do a series on him.

  4. Sangeeta H
    Submitted on 2015/06/11 at 2:55 pm

    A very tough act to follow. But I guess the mantra is to keep trying and articles like yours keep motivating .

  5. Well written Manjeet. Difficult to follow at times but with effort and persistence we can achieve the same.

  6. Superbly written! Very clean,clear and inspiring article!

  7. Hi Manjeet – I liked this one the best, compared to your previous writings on your real life experiences, thoughts and beliefs, though all of them are very true and interesting, this one stands out. Good one! I never read any of Osho’s …… I would like to.

  8. Hi Bhabhi ,

    I like reading your blogs . Great………Living life on your terms is not easy but not difficult….. I Know Everything happens for a reason , But I wish I knew the Reason Y it Happened….


    • Yes, that’s I thing I believe very strongly, there is a purpose behind every that happens. If I wouldn’t have had the incident in Calcutta, I would have never dated Osho.

  9. Very well written,as usual.From a budding writer, you are developing into an author whose articles are simply a ‘must read’.It is really great to be a ‘Master of one’s
    own Self’.A collection of your blogs should get published as a book.

  10. Thanks ! Not yet mam ! waiting more blogs. Spcly in a BOOK.

  11. Manjeet, I can see the first few steps in the journey of self realization have been taken. I am yet to evolve to this level. But I don’t know how to balance so divergent but appealing actions like sacrifice and self satisfaction. Politeness and honesty. And many more.

    • Hi Charan, its not easy but I resided if you are very happy with yourself, then it doesn’t matter how others behave to you. You will start feeling sorry for them and more tolerant. It’s years of training your mind.

  12. Once again a very practical and thought generating write up.
    It’s a tight rope walk to handle various elements in ones life and most of the time your heart pulls in one direction the brain in the other.
    Manjeet you are always so balanced!

    • I love Osho, today I am writing only because of him. But I don’t mix my emotions. Love him with open eyes.

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