My Past Life Voyage

imageMy Past Life Voyage.

I read Dr Brian Weiss books on past life regression and was very inspired by it… I contacted Dr Brian in USA in Miami and wanted to do the regression immediately …. I sent a mail and got the reply from his office .. I was asked to take a cruise to Alaska as he was sailing and would do it on the ship .. Wow !!! That would have been fun .. Your past life journey on a cruise . Double voyage … Missed the opportunity .

I met a doctor in Mumbai who said he would do my regression . I was thrilled . Went immediately to him ..was asked to fill a form and called for the first session . In the first session the doctor hypnotised me and took me through the process so that I get used to his voice . I was called for the regression session the next day …I was very excited …I would visit my past life and meet interesting people .

Next day in the morning I got very nervous . I thought my life is going very smooth., all is well in my life . Why am I taking this panga ?? What if I see something unpleasant which will bother me later .. I called up the doctor and told him, I want to cancel the appointment . I told him the reason. He said there is nothing to worry and he will take out my fears..

I called up my husband and told him that I am going to visit my past life and am very nervous . He volunteered to come with me with his friend . I was relieved . We reached the doctor ‘s clinic . Firstly the doctor made me say some affirmations and took out my fears . Then he explained it to me that past life regression is like watching a DVD film .. It’s upto you , you want to watch Pyasa or Padosan either a sad film or comedy film.. I opted for comedy. He said we will go through random happy past life .

And then the process started . I was hypnotised again . I was asked to imagine I am going down the stairs and see a door . Then open the door and you get into a garden . It happened ..I saw myself going down a wooden staircase .. I opened the door and saw a beautiful garden and I was in a Kashmiri dress in Kashmir ( This was my favourite pic which I had clicked in my childhood when my father was posted in Kashmir ) .. Then was asked what could I see ?? I saw myself in a hut and my own mother making tea for me .. She seemed quieter though … In this life she is a big chatterbox … Full of energy.

The doctor asked me which year was it ?? You will see a date flashing .. He kept saying that .. Frankly speaking I didn’t see any date flashing, however I said it was 1761.

Next I saw myself getting married ..I was asked to look into the groom ‘s eyes . To my horror it was my own husband .. Serious , grumpy, standing with folded hands , looked very Khadoos… he is better in this life , he is pleasant and smiles a lot ……with others. My sis in law was singing and dancing … When I told her this , she was very happy to know she could sing ..

My husband was into wood business and into making furniture .. Over the centuries he has lost the craft .. I saw my son of present life as my grandson .. His cuteness has retained .

Overall it was a good peaceful life as I had chosen Padosan and not Pyasa.. It was a happy film indeed .

The session ended with seeing my funeral and a white light .. The question asked to me by the doctor was , what lesson did you learn from that birth and I said I want to do something ….
The doctor brought me out of hypnotism .

That was my past life experience or my subconscious mind ??? I am not sure …. The quest goes on …..

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  1. My favourite two lines in the whole blog….”I was asked to look at the groom….To my horror,it was my own husband!”…….Hillarious! 🙂

  2. Manjeet…very well written! You had related this experience to me, but somehow reading it, along with your side comments was more fun!!:). Keep going….keep writing.

  3. Quite interesting to read.. But I would be really scared to try out past life regression for myself. Some guts you have!

    Waiting to read some more

  4. Nice.. I like the subtle side comments.. brings a smile:-) sure it is an interesting experience to share…

  5. I know many who have taken PLR but strangely ,no one wants to talk about what actually happens during the session. Finally someone broke the silence ! This was hilarious!

  6. Yes Sharmila .., but the question is was it the past life or just my subconscious mind .. Not sure !!

  7. Interesting piece .Although frankly not sure if PLR has any scientific evidence.It does need guts to go through it and hats off.Lets make our existing lives a worthwhile journey and experience so that down the years we can cherish it when we go through PLR.Cheers

  8. See your sense of humour shines through and your Virgo practical nature too. easy to read, and well written

  9. Manjeet,many a times have been tempted to try PLR ,but always two thoughts similar to yours – If everything is going well, then why take the ‘panga’? And how can I confirm that is was my past life- stopped me. Many of the practitioners also do not inspire faith . Glad you found a good one and a had the ‘Padosan’ experience.

  10. Same husband ! I wonder who I will see. I have tried past life regression but some how I could never get hypnotised. I like the way you write so simple to read. Very refreshing. I could so relate to I love my weight. But I have a love hate relationship with my weight. Waiting to read more of your blog. All the best.

    • Hi Smita . Weight loss is a journey . You have keep trying till the time you have not cracked it . We all have a different formula .,regarding hypnotism it’s deep concentration . You start doing yoga .,it will help you for both things . Weight loss , control and concentration . All the best .,

  11. Manjeeth – now u need to take the Alaska cruise ….. Round 2 ……. Best Wishes ….. May u find what u seek & be a Happier…….

    • Thanks a lot Jagdish . Yes my Alaska cruise is pending ..I would still love to do a workshop with Dr Brian . May be done time .

  12. lovely
    Manjeet you are living my dreams
    I would love to meet Dr Brian
    Tried a couple of years back but did not receive any reply
    You are really lucky
    Donot miss the opportunity
    Try to meet him
    He writes lovely books
    Very happy to read your blog
    It is very refreshing
    God bless !

    • Thanks Rachna .. So nice to hear from you . Yes I would love to do a work shop with him . Maybe someday … All the best to you . Love

  13. Manjeet, an excellent and honest piece. Enjoyed reading it. How can one be sure that all the birth in the past were limited to human species only? There could be millions of other possibilities.

    • Hi. So nice to hear from you Charan . I agree with you totally .. That’s why after doing the regression I was not convinced .

    • Sorry to butt in .. That’s why the gap of so many centuries. MAYBE

      • Hi Yatin . Next regression I will do it on Alaska cruise . Then maybe see you guys from America . This time saw all Indians people close to me

  14. Hey Manjeet,
    Thank you for now letting us know you since 1761. What an interesting read, I was in a spell myself.

    My wishes that when you go through PLR in your next life .. You see the same MOM, husband, son and us.

    Stay blessed..


  15. Your past reflect your present n future. .its indeed an experience. .I am sure your thoughts your imagination would have no boundaries. 1761 to 2015, the journey continues. .. All I can say is live ur dream today.

  16. Very well written . Simple and honest . More power to u. Keep writing – Dil Se !

  17. Hey di Dr Brian is one of my favourite author and the experience would have been wonderful I can see that after reading ur blog….best line u called aunty chatter box… lol…

    • Thanks Shikha . Yes after reading many books of Dr Brian I wanted to check it out if it works . But as I said not sure

  18. Hi…liked this piece.Has there been any difference in you after the thought process or may be something else…

  19. This was funny 🙂 well written..enjoyed reading it….

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