My True Love

My True Love.

Finally I found my true love !! It happens to be my weight.  Inspite of letting it go and setting it free, it comes back to me.

This journey began 16 years ago, after my son was born. I was desperate to lose weight. First I tried the vibration belt in a spa; spent 26,000 Rs.  I didn’t loose an inch or a gram.  I still remember those vibrations and feel ticklish.

I went to Blr with my husband, saw an ad on Tele shopping of earrings, if you wear them you will sure shot lose weight.  I ordered them immediately.   The delivery was prompt.  I was very impressed by their service and their understanding of my urgency; they costed me Rs 1000.  I wore the earrings and after sometime my ears started aching  a lot.  I was in tears.  No no, the earrings didn’t fail.   I can vouch for them; if you continued wearing them, because of the unbearable pain you will not be able to eat any thing. 

Then started my hunt for a dietician.  I went  to a dietician in town; she said, start the day with an apple in the morning.   Next day I saw the apple, looked at it for a while, kept it aside and had my chai with two biscuits.  Can’t ruin my morning.  Dip nahin kiya toh chai kya piya?

I wanted to go the right way; work hard.  No shortcuts, so I joined a gym.  Paid for the whole year ( got a huge discount ) but went only for two weeks.

And the struggle went on …..

Read an ad in the news paper of a dietician guarantying weight loss.  I called up to find out: before I could even think of it,  someone comes to my house with a carton of ration-pani and asked for 10,000 Rs;  it had soya aata, soya cookies, soya cake and soya chips.  I was asked to have that from mon to sat and sunday was rest day.  I  would have only dal-chawal on sundays.  Had it for two weeks but realised too much of protein is not good for kidneys; my kidneys screamed their lungs out……Can’t take it any more.

I had heard soooo much of the 2 hour diet that I had to do it.  The whole world was talking about it.   I went to the plush clinic and there was a presentation where it was emphasized that you must eat every two hrs, utmost important.  Very religiously I followed it.  Usually when I am following any diet my whole family follows it by default.  Once  I was flying in the evening; it was my apple time.  The weather was very turbulent and eating the apple was utmost important.  I was confused whether should I eat the apple or manage the weather.   This 2 hours diet was giving me lot of stress; I was thinking of what food will I have after 2 hours.  Had to quit for my sanity.

Finally I went to a detox centre in Austria.  We were taught how to eat your food slowly, chew It well and dinner before 7 pm.  If it’s late it’s better to skip dinner rather than eat it.  I was there for 2 weeks, spent a bomb: did lose 3 kgs.  Came back with full gusto.  Had my dinner before 7 pm .  Once I had a late night,  and had severe hunger pangs.  Forgot all about the rules and had omelette bread middle of the night.  Second time had two bananas and milk.  This dinner before 7 pm flopped miserably.

Now I am wise and have loads of experience.  I have fallen in love with my weight.   I eat what I crave in small bits; Instead of 2 hours eat every 3-4 hours, four times a day.  So far so good.. No stress of any time and do’s and don’ts .  Just enjoy and eat sensibly.

When you are in love, it’s happiness and you are in a state of bliss.

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  1. I love the article .,had similar experiences . Have done all sorts of crazy things and am still the same .,

  2. Ha…ha…hilarious! Still waiting to fall in love with my weight….in the meantime have kissed many frogs too. ..each time hoping this one surely will turn out to be the prince!! Way to go Manjeet…enjoy ur true love:)

  3. Very honest and good sense of humour.Weight managenent has become a style statement and faishon .Its more important to follow basic principles of healthy and balanced diet which our ancestors did and we need not reinvent the wheel.We have complicated it by replacing the natural nimboo paani sharbats with colas…rotis with pitzas..n so on …A healthy mind leads to a healthy body…

  4. Genuine experiences and feelings portrayed in a very modest way…
    Everyone of us has been through these stages of weight management but never as such saw it with your eyes…as true love
    Very nice

  5. the smile on my face kept increasing as the article progressed! could relate to most of the experiments! 🙂 ….. Vyasth raho,Swasth raho aur Mast raho!

  6. Loved it! well written. I too have faced similar issues, still am! I am done with the number games, the hunger games etc 🙂 now I just eat sensibly, get a bit of exercise and keep a positive attitude.
    Stay happy and blissful always, Manjeet 🙂

  7. Great blog.
    Like every Raju film reading a second & a third time made me like it more & more as I cherished the finesse of humor & sincere expression.
    Abhijat should draw inspiration & Raju/Veer have a fine script for a blockbuster short film !
    Keep blogging,….
    …& sharing.

  8. Haha. I so relate to this. The amount of money I have spent on nutritionists and pedometer I should have gone to a shrink instead

  9. Good one Manjeet 🙂
    The eternal struggle that all of us women go through !!!
    Like you I’ve made my peace … I eat what I want, when I want & exercise !
    I’m a foodie & don’t want to have a bad relationship with it. So I love my food & my body 🙂

  10. Hi Manjeet, very nicely written. Honestly I don’t believe in these weight loss formulas because most of them leave you feeling dejected and craving for food. There is a lot of misinformation out there put out through clever advertising and a lot of what’s advertised as healthy is actually harmful. In my opinion the best way to loose weight is to eat the right food and preferably have 5 meals with a regular workout to keep your body metabolism active in burning the fat. I’ll send you a mail as I can’t put it all down here. Great blog…looking for more from you.

  11. Hahah great one bua. It is said that a person really learns from his experiences and this is an epitome of experiences. You’ve described your experiences very nicely, and this tells us how to trick ourself to be satisfied with whatever we have. The secret of living a happy and healthy life being happy and healthy. Kudos bua great work. Enjoyed your writing.

  12. Nice one. Simple and honest. You have beautifully explained your experiences. Would love to hear more. Good luck.

  13. Very aptly narrated!!! The only solution as you discovered is to eat sensibly and not stay hungry. Stay loved and enjoy it…

  14. Fabulous article Manjeet! For me, it was like going down memory lane as I have been on this roller coaster with you! I loved your tongue in cheek recounting of these experiences! Keep writing!

  15. hey Manjeet….thats my story you just told…:p I think except the Austria bit I’ve done it all too….and now have just learned to love myself for the person I am…not the person I look!

  16. Superb! Loved the hilarious way of explaining how difficult it is loose true love….. My weight

  17. Dear Manjeet, very well narrated ur experiences. I have seen u being consious every minute of u r eating. I look forward to feel the same in my future endeavour with u being a source of Inspiration.

  18. Its the Glow on your face that matters, your are a beautiful person on the outside and with in. Very well written Blog. Keep going !!!

  19. Every girls true love..weight..can so relate to it..very nicely expressed Winky Di..learnt how to recognize and enjoy the person’s I am

  20. LOL!!! Very well scripted.
    I can relate to all of them! You forgot the “eat as per blood group” phase that we shared bhabhi 😉
    Even I have fallen in love with my weight now…thanks to sanity. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  21. Whole heartedly I second the thought and admit having fallen truly in love with weight . Happy is healthy so why accept the stress of losing the one which has been truly loyal for more than 15 years 😉

  22. Simple and hilarious writing… sure connects to lot of us..keep writing!

  23. Superb! Every word resonates and throughout I’d get the feeling of “been there, done that”! Fun reading, and hoping to fall in love with my weight too. Problem is, its an ever growing love 🙁

  24. Manjeet, you always had a way with words, that left the listener laughing their sides off. Good start writing a blog. Keep at it. Love

  25. Welcome to the blogging world didi! The thrill of writing and the satisfaction from expression is a great experience in itself. Keep on, not everyone can write humour as you do. And weight management…. Huh, what’s that? 🙂

  26. So amazing you started this Manjeet. Still remember the day we met and I hope I have been instrumental in your journey. Our definition of health is really very personal, and I am so glad you found yours. Love Shonali Sabherwal

  27. Fabulously written Ma’am! It was so right and so humerous! Just what I have been through only never tried so many options. Won’t either as I can’t stick to them for long.
    I loved the blog for its humour, easy read and just the right length to hold ones attention! Great going! Look forward to more!

  28. Hey Manjit!! Simply loved how you wrote from your heart♥♥.I could relate to your every experience.In short, life teaches us to accept what we can’t change n want to change. We just need to be MINDFUL doers of everything in life n be happy & content , comfortable with it. Keep it going Manjit!! Cheers**!

  29. Lovely article Manjeet ! I never knew you had such fantastic sense of humour. 😛

  30. When we live our life from our heart and share from our heart,our story is sure to touch and heal people’s soul..
    It must be such a fulfilling experience to pour your experience into words and express yourself just how and how you felt dear Manjeet.
    I am looking forward to reading your next.. 🙂 🙂

  31. Enjoyed regarding the article till the very end and kept thinking to myself Think Simple Live Simple .. We made our body get extremely complicated by trying to tune it to different diets very often to which it’s got confused and stopped reacting..

    Enjoy what you do and Eat what you feel ..I have found by Second Love. .

  32. It’s not easy to laugh at oneself, and to share the experience with others is even more difficult. Very aptly put manjeet. Haven’t we all sometimes or the other gone through this experience, it really got back loads of memories and a big smile on my face.
    Keep it up

  33. Manjeet love is the key word. Everything else is time pass:)) so keep eating keep writing keep loving urself

  34. Ha ha… This article of yours is just so superb and well written. It seems to echo almost every females story. Your experiences are so similar to us…Reading through it reminded me of the various promises and efforts taken by me also to lose weight…but now seem to have just given up and have come to believe….” the rounder you are..there’s more to love.” 🙂

  35. Amazing outflow of your latent talent as a budding writer! Loads of humour like in Raju’s
    films May be the launching pad of a new parallel career of an author or even a film script writer for upcoming home productions.

  36. Hey manjeet.
    loved reading ur blog.i could exactly relate to ur roller coaster rides wt ur weight.we all went thru it together.
    be mast n enjoi ur journey of life.
    kp writing .

  37. Hey Manjeet , knowing your sense of timing for humor is classy. I have always known it but reading it was very amusing. You are a natural at this, using your real life experiences into a fabulously funny tale. Keep it coming.

  38. Hi
    I try to hide my love away.. Was at the beach last weekend and almost smashed the World record for holding my breath .. Aahh the reason .. You guessed it.

  39. Dear Bhabhi …….Very nicely written….So many of us also sailing in the same boat……I too have tried so many things…..Do believe in “Love what U have” .

  40. Very well written it’s the most difficult thing to loose and easiest to gain . But I tell u what u r doing in the end is the correct way I feel.

  41. Very hilarious! .. I jus cant stop laughing after reading all your experience…very honestly written…I cant belive you ordered those teleshopping earrings…you really did that…? you write really well!

    • Hi. Thanks for reading the post . Actually it didn’t make any difference . But my curiosity about regression was over . I am glad I did experienced it .

  42. I am still smiling……….! I keep falling in n out of love.After reading your article definitely in love.Weight is like kutte ki dumm ,it’s just a matter of time wapis toh aani hi hai!

  43. Hey Manjeet,
    Loved reading all your blogs, they are “Fantastic” 🙂
    It is such ‘halka phulka’ reading, simply love reading and re-reading it.
    I remember the “earrings” episode, you had shared it several years back, had forgotten about it, till I read it. You are truly a woman of substance. 🙂
    Love you and so proud of you. Please don’t ever change.

    • Thanks Neetu . Yes I have done all crazy things . Now enjoying this world of writing . It’s beautiful

  44. Hahahaha! Super nice!!! Loved reading every bit of it! It’s of utmost importance to make peace with oneself!!

      • Yes finally Kapil. That’s why I was quietly eating every thing in Jaipur . Earlier I used to be very stressed while eating .

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