Flying Meditation

Flying Meditation.

I was bogged down with stress. Flying a lot , a small child to handle, home , fitness and what not. Couldn’t cope up. All this made me very hyper . Someone suggested to me do meditation. “It will calm you down and your productivity will increase” is what they said.

And so I embarked at a meditation centre in Vile Parle E to find out . They told me initial course is 5 days. Following that we have advance courses where one can levitate, where one can fly !! I was so excited and I enrolled myself immediately. The teacher would come home andimage teach me the basic course first .

I told my husband and son that very soon I will start flying . They both couldn’t stop laughing . My son tells me , so mom will you go flying from home straight to your your flight . I was very angry with both of them and told them you see when I do it . Read More

My Past Life Voyage

imageMy Past Life Voyage.

I read Dr Brian Weiss books on past life regression and was very inspired by it… I contacted Dr Brian in USA in Miami and wanted to do the regression immediately …. I sent a mail and got the reply from his office .. I was asked to take a cruise to Alaska as he was sailing and would do it on the ship .. Wow !!! That would have been fun .. Your past life journey on a cruise . Double voyage … Missed the opportunity .

I met a doctor in Mumbai who said he would do my regression . I was thrilled . Went immediately to him ..was asked to fill a form and called for the first session . In the first session the doctor hypnotised me and took me through the process so that I get used to his voice . I was called for the regression session the next day …I was very excited …I would visit my past life and meet interesting people . Read More

My True Love

My True Love.

Finally I found my true love !! It happens to be my weight.  Inspite of letting it go and setting it free, it comes back to me.

This journey began 16 years ago, after my son was born. I was desperate to lose weight. First I tried the vibration belt in a spa; spent 26,000 Rs.  I didn’t loose an inch or a gram.  I still remember those vibrations and feel ticklish.

I went to Blr with my husband, saw an ad on Tele shopping of earrings, if you wear them you will sure shot lose weight.  I ordered them immediately.   The delivery was prompt.  I was very impressed by their service and their understanding of my urgency; they costed me Rs 1000.  I wore the earrings and after sometime my ears started aching  a lot.  I was in tears.  No no, the earrings didn’t fail.   I can vouch for them; if you continued wearing them, because of the unbearable pain you will not be able to eat any thing.  Read More

Write your own philosophy of life…

I have read several books on philosophy.  Different people write what they have experienced and what works with them.  I read various  religious books, books written by spiritual leaders, and autobiographies of several  personalities.  They inspire you and give you guidelines to live.  But there is no gospel truth.   We all live life with our understanding, circumstances, beliefs,  means and our conditioning of mind over the years.  It’s a good idea to  read a lot, open your mind, get enriched, nourished and Increase  your data base; then create your own programme, create your own meaning with your experiences.  Write your own philosophy. Read More