Planet Holiday Continues…


During our holiday in Switzerland I got an opportunity to do para gliding. Though I fly planes, but surely this was a different experience. I was taken over a mountain cliff, run with the instructor till the time you gain momentum and take off. You glide along the direction of the winds and gain altitude with the thermals. It was an amazing experience. Looking at the Interlaken town and the Thun lake from the ground level is different than having a bird’s eye view. Your perception changes. You get a broader and a whole picture of the place.the place looked prettier; the beautiful town surrounded by mountains and lakes. It’s beauty looked magnificent. And gliding along the winds gives a sense of let go. Just flow…

While we were on the holiday, it was pouring in Mumbai non stop for three days. The whole city was flooded. We got the news and were worried whether there were any leakages in the house and gave instructions to guard every thing properly.

When we returned back from the holiday, I saw lot of leakage in the gym area and the room was smelling. I had bought some cushions from Ladakh for my yoga, which were stained. I had brought them with lot of effort.

Discussing about the rain with my domestic help, she told me that during the rains her whole house was destroyed. It poured so much that they couldn’t sleep the whole night. They spent the night standing. All their utility stuff was destroyed. I didn’t even bother about the cushions after hearing this.

I just thought of my glider. If I glide and fly over the city, will get to see the problems of the whole city how they live and especially in monsoons. On ground level, I get to see only my cushions. Not only in this case, but in all situations. When we are arguing with some one we see only our point of view. If we take a top angle , we will see every one’s point of view and understand the situation better. It’s easy to comment about things not happening and finding faults in things and people.

If we take the glider on and have an aerial view of things, we will see things with a new perspective. We will be able to see the ground realty. It’s gives you a lift and broad spectrum. Let’s see the world  with a new vision and expand our horizon of understanding the world better.

23 Comments on “Planet Holiday Continues…

  1. Hi Manjeet, nice , you look like a baby tucked safely for para gliding,.what fun! Lucky you. Hope rain did not play spot sport for you all. Have fun

    • Hi sandy., paragliding was so much fun ., it poured only those 3 days in Mumbai. Waiting eagerly for the rains .

  2. Reading thid blog, I felt Para Gliding is just a source which is used to look & understand the emotions hidden behind each & every indivisual.

  3. So true…at times you need to distance yourself from the situation to see things clearly. A “birds eye view” is needed for unbiased thoughts…! 🙂

  4. Dear Manjeet,
    Your write ups are always so interesting, particularly because of your factual description of how some wisdom dawns on you.
    Yes, Let’s….’expand our horizon of understanding the world better’;
    …and ‘thanks’

    • Thanks Mamaji… Learning..learning.. Still lots to learn from this world.. Enjoying this process..

  5. Hi Manjeet once again a simple way to put things in and going over with the glider and thinking to solve our are so right if we can keep our eyes and mind open and listen to other people’s views comments and realize we could be wrong too. Listening and viewing other people’s problem make us realize we are ok. Nice job. Please continue it I am still your big follower.

  6. So nicely have you put the two entirely different perspectives in the same plane, couldn’t have ever seen it in this way. Just shows your own perspective towards life and people. Well written Manjeet! Keep it up

    • Thanks Avantika.. Yes besides perspective it was a different flying experience.. It was liberating..

  7. Nice one Manjeet!! Its right we always narrow our horizons…..things look brighter when we broaden our perspectives!!

  8. The joy of moments always paraglides over .. Tides of life.
    Looked stunning.
    Bon writing

    • Thanks Namita.. You are an expert of scooba diving and I am sure you will have a different view point looking at the world inside the sea. It’s a different world all together.

  9. Hi Bhabhi, another great one …thinking and listening about others Problems…… Very nice thought … If everyone thinks like this .it will be a better world …

    • Yup…that’s true.. And how we get our ideas? This one I realised while doing a simple sport..

  10. OK so now you know how it feels like to fly without any Aeroplane. .

  11. Being used to flying,you can certainly have a bird’s eye view,leading you to a broader perspective of reality.Well written!

  12. Manjeet, you are also evolving with each new article. Super analogy drawn. Selfishness all around us, only when empathy dislodges it can the world become a better place.

  13. your pilot , thats why youre words are too good !
    waiting for your next articel. its too long since you are writing anything

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