We as a family are on a holiday after a long span of time. As we were excited doing our packing, planning,things to do and places to visit; my husband said, we have to make a promise, that on our holiday we will not fight and be more tolerant of each other. It sounded difficult though, but we all agreed and said, we will try our best.

Now it’s almost two weeks and we fairly did a good job. I had decided to keep quiet and let go of issues which unnecessarily linger on to. And it was easy, as the mind was filled with excitement of seeing places and absorbing them. We hired a car and my husband drove us down. First five days we went to Thun, a small town in Switzerland. We rented a house lake touching and were lost in the beauty of the mountains, peaks, the lakes. Enjoyed kayaking, para gliding and walking around. Next we drove down to Florence. I had no idea about this city. I always thought, Florence was all about romance and the beauty. But I learnt physics, architecture, poetry, art and science here. Galileo, Micheal Angelo, Dante, Leonardo da Vinci and Marconi are from this great city. Learnt about the Renaissance period of 14th century which changed the thinking of the world.

After 4 days in Florence, we drove down to Venice. Another kind of place where a city is built in the back waters. Saw a opera show in God knows which language, but it was amazing. Though I didn’t understand a word what she was singing but enjoyed it thoroughly. It was again curiosity to know the origin of opera.

And now lastly we are in Austria, a small mountain resort in a remote place. It’s an hour away from Innsbruck and the hustle bustle of the town. It’s a beautiful lodge surrounded by mountains and streams. The mind is calm and relaxed. After 3 days back to my city Mumbai and flying where the rains are awaiting us. The holiday is over!!

But, actually the holiday continues….. What is a holiday? When we are on a holiday we are free from all the hassles of day today life and are absorbed only in observing new things with a blank slate. It was amazing experience seeing the beauty of all the places and knowing about the existence of the world. Learning and watching gives us tremendous joy. That’s what we are on this planet for…… We are all visitors on this planet for a limited span of time. Some on short visit, some on long tenure.

We have to treat our visit on this planet earth like a visitor. We need to be an observer, watching every day, every moment something new. There is sooooo much to learn and explore. There are various kinds of emotions that visit us. Instead of getting bogged down by them treat them as visitors and experience them. There is no time to brood. Time is running out… Once there is clarity in our mind, we can enjoy every single moment in our lives. We all have a visa for visiting this planet. Just enjoy…. the Planet Holiday!!

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  1. Well said truth Manjeet ! So nice to hear about your enriching and peaceful holiday 🙂 way to go

  2. Nice, have fun. Enjoy your holidays but with no fight clause , will be quite.

    • Yes agreed. How much ever you try, fights are natural. Three people thinking alike, just not possible.

  3. I relate so much to this blog of yours…!!!
    Holiday is indeed nothing but a state of mind, its your perspective and the way you look at life! 🙂

  4. What fun manjeet. I can actually imagine the peace and calm and lots of history and literature that you must be exposed to. Enjoy the mountains till you hear the sounds of the autos in mumbai soon each have their own beauty. We just need to live with it in peace

    • Yessss…. But, whatever Mumbai is, I love the city. It has a great energy… And as you rightly said, find your peace in it.

  5. So very true…..very interesting indeed….simply enjoy reading your blog

  6. Love the part when you all decide – we will not fight and be more tolerant of each other. Its really difficult to practice that.

    Have better than the best in the rest 3 days..

    • Hi Aastha… We tried our best and it worked to a great extent.. It works if we make a conscious effort. Probably it’s more effective on a holiday… Will try once back….hope it works..

  7. Hi , Manjeet . You make me smile with your blog always . This one , we could feel the fresh cool whiff of air .Truly , holidays are so mandatory to free the mind of the clutter of our daily routine ! Thanks for sharing your ventures . Keep it up .

    • Yes totally agree with you… It’s so essential to take a break. Only then you realise what life is all about….all of us are caught in a matrix… Like our IR/LR, we need holidays for refreshing us yearly and a gentle reminder, there is life beyond work…

  8. Hey manjeet, now that u have a great experience u must try spending time at the big boss house!!!

  9. Well written Manjeet..Felt the freshness of the Alps..yes holiday does wonders in bonding the family and we feel closer..this is essentially because we know we are out and lets make the best of it no fights..arguements..back home we get stressed in our routine work and the fn goes..but why not contiue the holiday forever…till we are in this planet celebrate life…each day is a Holy and Holiday …

  10. Heyy Manjeet!! Nice to read your post…holidays and vacations are so important….they bring fresh energy and a new perspective to the usual humdrum of life….great read!!

  11. Great Holidaying …………..Holidays are so much needed . I also went for one. Wish life was a vacation.
    But v need to b in reality .
    Tolerance is so much required in our day to day life with everyone.

  12. quite an idea this…a few days without those nikky bicky irrelevant arguments!! goes to show that if you don’t mind,it dosen’t matter!! Have fun and may there be many more to come!! Cheers!!

  13. Hi Manjeet,when I read the topic of your blog I thought what is she writing about but after reading it I understood once again you achived in a simple way what you wanted to say. I loved it as we travel a lot.we see in our daily routine all the ups and downs and to deal with them as new experience as new adventure ,new learning and to think you are still on holidays . Loved your concept. I am glad you all had a great time and we wish you enjoy your the planet holiday everyday.

    • Hi Anjali… How sweet is that.. Yes, I do try as much to think all the times that we are visitors on this planet and just observe things around you. This perception does help to make things light hearted. Hence forth the thought will be clearer.

  14. Love the simplicity with which you convey such strong truths and facts about life! Could totally relate to this write up as we returned from a holiday too! 🙂

  15. The photograph of Florence Is beautiful.Sea,mountain ,relaxation you have had it all! As for being a traveller on planet earth and enjoying each experience ,I couldn’t agree more.

  16. Hi…. I have heard a lot about you… Never got a chance meet u though… I loved your blog especially the fight clause part… You are a gifted writer…

    (Kamala Srichand’s Son-in-law)

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