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This and That

I always wonder, it’s our predetermined destiny that rules our life or we make our own destiny.

Our fate is sealed at the time of conception.  A lot depends on what genes did you pick up from 23 chromosomes each.  Your looks, your intelligence, your personality and even your medical issues are dependent on your genes.   Once you are out of the womb, what environment and exposure you get; your parents,  your teachers, your friends and your surroundings help develop your personality.  Then you are on your own.   70 % is your inheritance and rest is, what you do with your life.

Genes play a very important role in your physical and mental set up.  We had gone for a party once and met a very renowned cardiologist.   My friend asked him, “Doctor, what do we eat and do”, so that we don’t have any problems related to heart.   He smiled and said, you don’t have to do anything, every thing depends on your genes.  Yes agreed genes do matter, but to fit into your jeans one has to work hard.


I see a lot of people working very hard, struggling, praying, wearing stones, changing spellings, but no luck.   Luck does play a role.  Your stars do matter.  There are times you try for something very hard.  Come what may, things don’t happen the way you want. That doesn’t mean we should stop working hard,  the harder you work the luckier you get.  Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.  Keep trying, your stars will smile one day.

My mother had a knee problem for six years.  It became so bad that the doctors suggested amputation.  We saw various doctors and finally one doctor agreed to redo the whole surgery.  It was the most difficult time.  It was painful physically and mentally.  She went through depression and anxiety disorder.  We took her to phycologist, physiatrist and she was under anti depressants.   I met an astrologer who pepped her a lot and asked her to recite some mantras twice a day and do Japji Sahib paath in the morning.  He told her, surely you will cure 100%.  She started doing all this very sincerely and after some days her senses calmed down and within two months she was cured.  ‘Faith’ helped her float.

But sometimes the same ‘faith’ can drown you.  If an astrologer tells you, your period is not good; you have sade satti (your 7 1/2 years ahead are not favourable for you).  Then you are doomed.   You take it for granted nothing will work for you and you don’t make any attempts.   I hear it very often from people, “meri sade satti chal rahi hai”, kuch nahi hoga.  They become closed.  That is the time don’t believe in it and defy the thought.  Simply reject it.  Put it in trash.

So it’s this and that.  You have to be smart enough to understand when to enjoy your genes and when to fight them out.  When to have faith and completely surrender yourself and when to defy the the myth and not get swayed by it.

I believe that our destiny is a combination of our luck and efforts.  They both complement each other.

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  1. Yes manjeet bhabhi ji I agree dat there is no sade satti as such….you have to take efforts nd work hard….. Nd surely luck will favour u…..!!!.I like your blogs very inspiring… Keep it up!!!

  2. So proud of you , Manjeet !! Known u for years , but never knew this expressive side of u at all ! U always made us all laugh at your one -liners , your bindaas attitude ! U used to turn a solemn event into a hilarious one . I used to wonder , nothing affects her , she sure has a hippo skin ! I too tried all forms of meditation , dieting , spirituality ,but u took the cake ! Years ago , I used to struggle in Vipassana , but u remained Equanimous throughout ! ( means remaing cool through the ups n downs ) ! U had achieved Nirvana long time ago , Manjeet !
    But now I know the secret , it’s all in the genes !! U sure achieved it from your great positive mom ! Her laughter still resounds in my ears when I think of her ! Imagine her pain for 6 yrs , it’s her inner strength n positivity which sailed her through ! And u should thank the higher above , to have transferred that great quality of smiling through all odds into your Genes !!
    Keep writing , keep entertaining , keep cool !

    • Wow !! That’s a great comment Sapna . Thanks a lot . I agree . I have my mother’s genes. My tolerance levels are high and when they are not , I try to with various techniques .

  3. Manjeet – interesting – we have to talk this one out next time u r in town …….

    Meanwhile leave u with Einstein’s quote – God does not play dice with the Universe ……

    Some food for thought —-

    • Thanks Jagdish . Surely . Looking forward to coming to Dubai. Long time . Yes I would love to get more view points .

  4. Manjeet just a line nice blog keep going seeing a different side of u

  5. Accidentally landed here because of friend’s forwarded message, “Nice Blog, Do Read” & I must say, some accidents are really worth meeting!

    I firmly believe that genes play such an important role and so as upbringing!

    Also, luck and hard work goes neck to neck, for one it would be wonderful necklace and for another one it would be suffocating.

    When people loose faith in their hands (hard work), they try to find it out in the palm (luck).

    People usually look for people having same kind of belief (Intellects looks forward for same wavelength!), so they can either console themselves… “Either it was luck or destiny which is not favoring” or Uplift themselves “People who can make sure that they can work out something, in any situation!”

    In good times, people don’t ask, but during tough time, “Why Me?”

    • Hi DV, thanks so much for reading the blog and writing such brilliant words of wisdom . I agree with you absolutely . I have seen one thing . If all goes well , you don’t think of anything . But when things are not in your favour , that time all you need is a full dose of philosophy . It really helps to fill the void . I read and read during my tough times and I am so thankful to God for going through it or else I would have never known .
      Thanks once again . I will be happy to hear from you again .

  6. Dear Manjeet,
    Your articles are interesting.
    New topics every time.
    I wonder where do you get the ideas from.
    You communicate your thoughts very well.
    I read your old blogs as well. Very well written.
    Looking forward to your next….
    -Kumar mama.

  7. What an interesting topic to discuss!
    I am a strong believer of hope and positivity. Its my belief that a person is a product of his thoughts. One should know the art of soaking in the positive things around him and blocking the negative. And for people like me who don’t believe in pre-written destiny this art is a must to learn coz we don’t have that cushion which others do of blaming the stars and “haath ki lakeeren” lol.
    But what I do believe in is the Karmic cycle. I think that a person makes his own heaven and hell here itself on earth by his karma’s. My dad always says that one doesn’t need to visit temples or do fastings to seek forgiveness or to seek blessings from the Almighty. Your God is in you. He is in the work you do, So just keep playing your role with sincerity and honesty and thats about it. As simple as that. 🙂

    • Hi Nito . I agree with you completely . You need stong faith in your self . But some times when things don’t go well and especially when some one is down , you have to surrender yourself completely and trust some one . It helps .

  8. A positive attitude is in your control ,it can overcome all odds sooner or later. Luck is only an added bonus . So we must always go forth with the right attitude.
    Manjeet ,your blogs truly inspire. Keep writing…

  9. Hi Bhabhi

    Surely Aunty has a lot of courage to undergo so much .
    Our genes fate luck play an important role in our life but can we blame them for our doings …….one should also believe in yourself ….

    Keep writing Bhabhi .

  10. ‘This and That’ is a very apt caption for the thoughts expressed in this article.The query posed as to whether we have a predetermined destiny or can shape our own destiny finds an answer in Nicherin Daishonin’s Budhism.This philosophy teaches that one can change ones destiny If one has complete faith and follows this philosophy with full dedication.

  11. Thanks Manjeet for making me re-look & learn to be strong in life through impressively titled ‘this & that’.
    Gene/inheritance-yes, but thereafter it’s a lifelong process of grooming of the mind to inculcate positive, balanced, strong-willed thought processes & reflexes; ‘we become what we practice’.
    However, in a long-lasting crisis or agonizing state, all sensibility is shattered, depression creeps in & one needs tender care & support to revive faith, hope & strength to fight back. You could hold on & give it back to mom because you got groomed that way…all along .

    Keep writing & inspiring !

    • Hi Manjeet…your posts continue to pleasantly surprise me…you come across as so balanced and much depth in your thinking! Keep writing and expressing your innermost thoughts…

      • Hi Rekha , I remember your Buddhist chanting , prayers helped you so much sail through your troubled times . Always seen you smiling and your great faith in god and positivity . I really admire you. You are a great inspiration . Though I don’t do the chanting , but I do understand the power of it . Keep chanting . All will be well !!

    • Thanks mamaji , I always see you as a philosopher and fighting odds with your day to today life . Cheers to you !!

  12. Nice piece delivered yet again Manjeet!!! You are getting better and better…..will see you as a writer for one of Raju’s films at this rate 🙂

  13. Hi Manjeet. Just read your blog a minute ago. You must be reading and thinking and applying yourself in different situations to write like this. I am impressed and like I said before the simple way of explaining your point is your great strength. I sincerely hope you will start thinking of writing a book. I personally like your style. 70 percent is your genes and 30 percent what we make of ourselves is very true. Great blog one more time my only pilot friend.

    • Hi Anjali , I don’t know how writing is coming naturally to me . I always had these thoughts and I used to analyse every thing in my head . Now since am writing , the thoughts are just flowing . Thanks for reading and appreciating . Look forward to your response .

  14. Manjit. I have to admit again that you express your thoughts , emotions feelings in the most easiest n simple st way. Love your zest for simple aspects of life which sadly is missed by most of us.In my opinion each one of us comes with our individual destiny.
    Having said that, it is important to also to WORK your way to your destiny.Understanding that every thing happens FOR you than TO you makes accepting your destiny & life easy truly! !!! We are the cause n also the effect of everything in our life. Manjit keep blogging n keep rocking girl.
    Waiting for your next! ! Cheers♡♡

  15. Another gem from you Bhabhi! Beautifully written and very inspiring! Loved the closing statement especially where you say be smart and understand.. when to have faith and when to defy the myth! 🙂

    • Thanks Kapil . I know we always have our debates on this topic . I don’t believe in closing myself saying stars and your luck is rubbish . But you just can’t depend on that . You have to work , work and work . Work is very important, as even luck has to work .

  16. Lovely nuggets of wisdom,so simply put.
    My mantra so far in life is,I put the blame of all my misadventures on destiny n luck and proudly credit all the success to my hardwork.Keeps me happy.

  17. Very nice. I know it’s tempting to listen to all astrologers and all giving advice but like you said its only “faith that keeps you afloat ” make yourself strong enough to have the faith !!!

  18. Hi Manjeet. My sister Dimpy (Sonia for you) was praising your blog so much that I had to read it… And am I glad I did..
    Love the flow of your thoughts captured beautifully… And the best part is you are sharing your thoughts without being judgmental…

    I can’t stop but share some thoughts…

    Yes our genes have a big impact on our lives as it is the basic programming we are born with.
    Yet the inherited conditioning from our growing up years along with our life experiences keeps updating that programming ongoingly. It often feels that we are at the mercy of our life situations. But it is upto us to choose what we want to store in our system, n keep altering n updating our programming judiciously.

    When an astrologer tells us something, our own self-fulfilling prophecy makes it come true, like your mom did. We can alter the course of our destiny by our actions.

    Like you have said beautifully our destiny is a combo of our luck n our efforts.. You are a wonderful being Manjeet..

    • Hi Rita, how wonderful it is to hear from you. And I am so happy you read the post and liked it. Yes you are right. After a certain stage and with experience we realize these things. Live with the flow in life. My next Post on that.

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