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I am writing after a long time almost after 5 months. I had taken a break from my work and was at home for a while and I thought would write a lot. Being home I got into a sedentary life style and became lazy. Got into an inactive mode.  When we are working we are in active mode and can achieve more. The gaps you get between your work are better utilized.

Just went through a phase recently of over working. That was completely  insane. The inactive mode and overactive mode are almost the same. Both make your mind numb. We need to strike a good balance.
Work is very essential for our physical, mental and financial needs. Work is rest indeed. I love to challenge myself to cope up with the pressures.


Recently I visited a Meditation Retreat conducted by, ‘Om Swami’ the one who wrote, ‘If Truth Be Told’. I had read this book months back and started following him on You Tube. I read all the books written by him and was very keen on meeting him.

Going to the retreat was a very pleasant and refreshing experience. There were meditation sessions, discourses and Q&A. I have been doing meditation and yoga since many years. And since I read a lot had heard about most of the stuff spoken by him. But in-spite of that I enjoyed every moment and absorbed every thing that was being done and said by Om Swami.

We may know every thing ourselves but yet we need guidance. I know my yoga and exercise but prefer to do it with the yoga teacher as you get the motivatiion and is well guided. The day, the yoga teacher does not come, I feel lazy or just do a bit.

We all had an opportunity meeting Om Swami in person. The glow and aura around him is magnificent. Meeting him was the highlight of the retreat. Osho introduced me to the spiritual world and I connected with Om Swami. (I have written a blog on My First Date With Osho).

Going to the retreat was like attending a Refresher course. All your learnings over the years were put together and seeped inside you. We need to attend this often as the effect wears off after a while. It has to be a continuos affair. It’s keeps you charged and energetic.

The main crux of the retreat was meditation and mindful living. What I understood is while we cannot avoid work and the pressures of life we need coping up mechanisms. Two things which are very important are meditation and alkaline diet (which I will talk about it in my next blog). With these two things your energy levels are high, one is calm and more productive .

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  1. Hey! That’s cool.

    Welcome back.. Look forward to reading your thoughts on Alkaline Diet.

    Yes work is indeed rest.. 🙂

  2. Beautifully written capt……very interesting ……. looking forward to your next blog

  3. Was waiting to read about your experience Manjit. Must pick up his book now to read. You summed up so well about striking the right kind of work -rest balance in life…

    • Thanks Sharmila. It’s been a constant battle to balance things as we love many things in life besides work, home and family.. Life is beyond that too. We nead unlimited energy.

  4. I greatly value your write ups, as they originate from your rich life experiences. This one, and your picture with Swamiji, have a basic tranqualising & energising effect.
    Keep us charged up with your frequent uploads.

  5. Hi manjit
    Welcome back. It was great to read your blog . You always help me find something new to read and now I will read books by om swami you look very calm and quiet I like that . You are very special and keep this up . Happy and healthy 2016

  6. This makes so much sense and I can so well retake to it. When I got married I was excited to take that gap from my work life. But when I got that.. I realised how badly I missed my work as that is what created a balance in my life. I feel I get the “me” time when I get to work and that is the most refreshing part of my day.
    Work makes me realise the value of family time as well.
    Truly resonate with your thoughts here

    • Hi Aastha. I am so happy you got back to work. Especially when is capable of working one should. Keep going.

  7. Indeed when you stop working the hours or days of rest become lethargy not rest. The point is to strike the right balance. Truly said mam. Waiting for the next one.

    • Thanks Aditya. In our profession rest is equally important and overly working is also detrimental. Happy landings.

  8. Hi Manjeet,
    Wishing you and the family a very healthy,peaceful and a productive 2016.
    Interesting article, I would like to read your writing on Alkaline Diet, looking forward to it.
    Very best

  9. Well said Manjeet! This balance between work and rest is so difficult to achieve! I love that you have such an open mind and are forever on the quest of enriching and improving your life-journey. Keep on…

    • Thanks Rekha.. You are a big inspiration. I see you calmly solving all your problems with a smile on your face.

  10. Hi Manjeet ..Finally ! That was a long wait .. Lovely write up . Your quest for inner peace and physical fitness always inspires me . Truly , after the chaos of home life , and office pressures , the minute I take off , the cockpit becomes my peaceful haven ! A place to calm down .. My meditation centre ! And as u rightly said , too much of anything is also an overdose ! Strike a balance ! Thank u Manjeet for a gentle reminder for the refreshers of Life !

    • I agree with you Sapna. Cockpit truly is our meditation centre and yes these refreshers are very imp to remind us nothing matters than the present moment.

  11. Manjeet, your openess to learn new ways and means of living life is amazing. I would only dream of this quest. Thanks for sharing what you do, I am keen to learn about this workshop and also about the book. Very nice write up, waiting for more.

  12. Nice to hear from you after a long gap. Agree with your viewpoint, always we achieve more when we have time limitations. Humans have a tendency to always work under pressure right from childhood. Children study only when exams are approaching. I think we are all conditioned that way.
    Good work! Keep it up…

  13. Nice to have you back Bhabhi…
    Balance is definitely required there is a constant battle going on bet work and rest……Happy thoughts
    Waiting for the next 1 also .

  14. Dear Manjeet
    Great to read your experiences . Exactly like the way I was thinking , I was reading Om swamiji’s books and am very deeply moved by this experiences and his tapas , I agree that diet plays an important role and look forward to your experiences , happy new year this retreat sure is a new direction , all the best and look forward to more posts

  15. Finally the wait is over.
    So nice to read your blog. Share the same thoughts that achieving the right balance with work is the key .Waiting eagerly for your blog on the alkaline diet.

  16. No wonder,as the saying goes,”Work is worship”.Work is what keeps you really active and prevent the mind from getting rusted.It is also true,as also deduced from this Blog,that the busiest persons are the ones who find time for activities not related to their work.

    Well written!

  17. It’s so wonderful to read your blog as it’s so real , refreshing , positive and inspiring . Look forward for new write ups always. Great .. Keep going. .

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